3844 Winterpants AFAS





Warm winter pants with lining. High back protects the lower back when bending over.

Zippers on sides make the pants really easy to put on and take off.

Reflectors make the user easy to notice when it's dark, adding work safety.

  • Two zipper pockets up
  • Two zipper pockets on thigh
  • Surface knee pad pockets
  • Three stickers on both thighs
  • Long locked zipper on both trouser legs, all the way up
  • Access to underneath clothings' pockets
  • Velcro attached, removable rubber band straps
  • Belt hoops
  • High back
  • Wide velcro tightening on the back of the trouser leg
  • Elastic waistband


 OBS! The pants are sold without suspenders.

Suspenders: product 993102/3


Sizes: XS-3XL


Materials: 75% cotton (Co) / 24% polyester (Pes) / 1% Antistatic


Lining: Fabric 100% Pes + 60g/m2 laminated cotton


The product is certificated in the following:

EN 342


EU declaration of conformity 3844.pdf


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