Confidentiality according to the law about personal information (523/1999) 10§


1. Registry Keeper

Ats – Ammattityökalut Oy


Raudoittajantie 16


tel. 020 144 2020


2. Registry Responsible

Tiina Toivonen /


3. Name of the Registry

Ats – Ammattityökalut Oy:n Asiakasrekisteri

(Ats – Ammattityökalut Oy’s Customer Registry)


4. Cause of Keeping the Registry

The person has made an offering bid trough the Ats – Ammattityökalut Oy’s online store.


5. Use of the Registry

The grounds of this registry are retained the given information and possible settings of the person leaving an offer bid. The information can be used for improving Ats – Ammattityökalut Oy’s function and compiling statistics. Personal information is handled per Henkilötietolaki (law 523/1999) given terms and conditions.


6. Information Contained in Registry

The registry contains the following information given by the user:

Persons name and family name

Email address

Post address

Telephone number

Offer Bid history


The registry may also include other information given by the user and Ats – Ammattityökalut Oy’s defined static- and other information.


7. Information Reclaim

Given information will not be reclaimed to any external facet besides Ats – Ammattityökalut Oy, without the permission of the user. User’s information can be deleted from the registry is requested, except the order- and service data which are essential to retain given bails etc.


8. Registry Safety

The registry will not be transmitted to outsiders. Licence of the registry demands the person to be an employee at Ats – Ammattityökalut Oy. The registry is located at Netello Oy’s server.