Terms Of Delivery

Order, delivery and other instructions



  • We wish for you to order our products by email at tilaukset(@)atex-ammattiasut.fi, directly from your deputy, or from our customer service tel. +358 (0) 20 144 2020.
  • We will be happy to send you a confirmation of order, if you remember to ask for one and give us your email address when you make the order.



  • Every order, that arrive us before noon, will be collected, packed and delivered to our carrier in the very same day.
  • Depending on our carrier’s pledge, the delivery will happen in the next 1 - 2 business days.
  • Please check the delivery immediately in case of possible damage, and check the delivery’s correctness.



  • We are trying to save the nature as much as we possibly can, and prevent air pollutant coming from our car’s exhaust fumes. Therefor we are more than happy to send our invoices electronically in form of e-invoices. When your company is prepared to receive e-invoices, please contact our customer service at tel. +358 (0) 20 144 2020 or at info(@)atex-ammattiasut.fi


Claims and bail:

  • All our products include a normal guarantee for material- and factory defect.
  • In case you observe in your product an factory- or quality defect, primarily contact your retailer or the deputy you purchased the product from.
  • Important things to remember: product code, size (in clothing and in footwear), date of purchase and the receipt.
  • The retailer / deputy will return the product to us, where it gets evaluated by our quality control, and they will take care of fixing it or replacing it to a new one. It is very important for us to get the defective product back, so we can prevent the same mistake from happening again in the future.
  • The returned product must be clean, because our dressmakers don’t deal with dirty clothing, cause of hygienic reasons, and since the sowing machines may break. In case we have to wash the product before preparing, we will charge the costs.
  • The bail does not include normal wearing and tearing of the clothing, washing against the instructions or ripping caused of external facet. For example, cutting, getting stuck on a sharp edge or a tool etc.
  • In case the flaw accrued in the product is not included in the bail, we will charge the send- and preparing costs by our valid freight price list and our tailor’s tariff.



  • If you discover any complains about our products or delivering, please contact us immediately and we’ll fix the situation together. Our normal notification time is 8 days.
  • In case you want to return the purchased product back to us, always contact us first to have instructions on where to send it to.
  • If you have accidently ordered wrong, and you want to return the product, the shipping costs are on you. To get refund from the product, it must be unused, vendible and in the original package. Do not stick address stickers etc. into the sales package.
  • Unfortunately we cannot reclaim cash on delivery sent returnings, if they are not agreed ahead.
  • Client commission clothing do not have return- and return rights.