atex workwear (ATS-Ammattityökalut Oy) is a family owned business, established in 1992, and we are manufacturing and selling high quality workwear to use for work and free time with the brand of atex. From our assortment, you can find also safety shoes, tools for professionals and accessories for all previous.

Our main office and distribution center is located in Porvoo.




Our strength according to our customers are

  • flexibility
  • fast deliveries
  • our cost level and
  • the ability to react to our customers’ needs in short period.


Honest and open policy is our main basis of our actions.

Designing our own patterns is very important part of our working, and having tens of years of experience, our professional designers constantly follow the changing needs and standards, so our workwear are always certificated following the needed official demands.

Professional designing combined with our very own production factory, bring our customers the easiness of creating needed clothes / combinations, or our customer’s business’s colors or other personal labeled clothing.

All our personnel are very committed to serving our customers, and experienced salesmen’s main mission is to help the customer to find the best solutions and perfectly fitting workwear, no matter if it’s from our basic collection or your very own personally designed and marked clothing.


The easiest way to choose your needs from ATEX- products is from these web sites, and from our wide line of retailers. You can find our retailers almost from every city from Hanko to Ivalo.

Our retailers are for example bolt-, electricity- and welding specialized stores and leading hardware stores. You can find your nearest retailer from contact section.

Specialized re-sellers are going around at the job sites and in the industry, bringing the products straight to the end users.


All the questions you might have concerning atex, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

You can also find us from Facebook and Youtube.


atex workwear for hard working people!