• Ats Oy (joint-stock company) ATEX is established, focused on tools and protective equipment.
  • Sales were started by marketing construction-specialized tools and protective equipment at store on wheels and own stores from the cities of Tampere and Turku.
  • The sales expanded abroad, which was very much directed to the Soviet Union.
  • The tools from our collection were purchased from Finland and some were brought from West Germany.
  • Workwear and protective equipment were bought from domestic manufacturers, but sold also new kind of workwear made in Sweden. The products brought from Sweden, had some trouble to sell and market, because of the new kind of design.



  • A new store was opened to Helsinki, and mail order started to cover the whole Finnish market.
  • Factory was opened to Estonia. The design and professional guidance happened from the headquarters.



  • A strategy move was made, that so all the products that will be sold, must be self-made or self-imported, brand-products made with own label.
  • The marketing was designed to happen only trough own retailers, that were started to systematically search for and the connections were starting to get built.
  • Building connections was productive and eventful, with its ups and downs.
  • The ATEX label established its place at the Finnish workwear market, being quality, definite and fast supplier.



  • ATEX raised to the Soliditet rating AAA -class for the first time, and we have sticked to it ever since.



  • 10-year anniversary was celebrated.



  • New premises and storage was opened to Porvoo, at Ölstens industrial area, where to is centered every activity we have in Finland.
  • ATEX got the Suomen Vahvimmat –recognition, which means “Finland’s Strongest” and is given to companies that have flawless credit report, are trustworthy, and have great solvency. And we haven’t given up the recognition since.
  • The High-Visible (Hi-Vis) and fireproofed clothing, and their blend got so popular, their demand outweighed the normal workwear’s demand.



  • Only four clothing firms in Finland with both the Suomen Vahvimmat ­–recognition and AAA -class rating. ATEX is one of them.



  • We reached our 20-year anniversary.
  • ATEX is the only AAA-class workwear producer in Finland.
  • We switched for Vateva standard measurements.
  • The financial crisis also affected the clothing industry. Nevertheless, ATEX made its best sales result in its history. Thanks to this belongs to only our loyal customers, with whom we have had the pleasure to work with all these years.



  • ATEX has retailers around Finland, and in a few countries in Europe, altogether about 300.
  • Sales industry was started, focusing on big concerns.
  • We joined the tilaajavastuu.fi program, where it’s easy to check and order so called authority required documents, such as a certificate of paid taxes, belonging to registers, taking care of legal obligations and so on.
  • We continued being an AAA -class company, and still belonged to the Suomen Vahvimmat.



  • New comprehensive homepage was published.
  • Sales industry started off strong right next to retailing
  • Revenue raised 16 %
  • Premises were extended with a new press building (200m2)
  • Atex bought Ikaworker Oy and it's line, which moved the STX -shipyard deliveries to us
  • Over 45 000 clothes got pressed.
  • Continued at AAA -class and Suomen Vahvimmat.



  • More staff was recruited to support rising business
  • Investments and hiring staff caused a momentary drop to AA-class. By the end of the year, we raised again back to AAA -class.
  • Product improvements, plenty of new products and hard work paid off with achieving even more stable status in the Finnish workwear market.
  • Signed a workwear contract with Meyer Werft Turku shipyard
  • Revenue raised 16 % second year in a row.



  • Our web page opened an online store to serve larger clients
  • Family business -status grows; the Toivonen family youngest Tinja will officially start her career when she graduates from business school
  • We opened a business unit to Lithuania
  • Hard work is paying off. Revenue raised 7 % from last year



  • The designing for our new logistics centre got started



  • Atex brand got a new look with the updated marketing strategy
  • Collaboration with Karateliitto ry for the Tokio 2020 Olympics
  • Our organization grows with a new head-figure as the new CEO, Mika Haakana got on board
  • We opened a new sowing factory in Lithuania



  • The new 1500m² logistics center opened it's doors in February in Ölstens, near our old venue