5906 Tool Vest (harness model)


Black / Grey

Working vest with plenty of space for tools and other supplies. Hoops and buttons for tools and for a hammer.

Bright orange color is seen from far away in daylight and in the dark. Reflectors give the user protection when it's dark.

The vest can be attached with SAFETY HARNESS. In the back is a hole for the harness and inside velcro hoops for attaching the harness.

  • Chest pockets can be released into hanging pockets
  • ID-card pocket
  • Breast pockets on both sides on the outside
  • Smaller pockets
  • Mobile phone pocket
  • Loose hanging pockets in the front and back are made of leather. On the top of the front pockets are another pair of smaller pockets
  • Pencil pockets
  • Belt hoops


Sizes: S-3XL

Materials: 70% polyester (Pes) / 30% cotton (Co)


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