ATEX Workwear are a great choice when your working clothes must have quality, certificated and fit well. Our selection is very versatile. Our selection carries workwear for construction, as well as industry and free time. We have a wide range of basic-, and high visible (Hi-Vis) colored workwear. Flame retardant and antistatic workwear are available in many different colors. The normal selection is based on basic overalls of different colors and materials. CE-standard workwear are the frame of our selection.


We Design by Your Needs


In case our selection does not already have the perfect fit for you, contact us. We will design and execute original workwear by our customer’s needs. Designing and making patterns is indeed our specialty.


Get to know our product selection at our website and ask for an offer for the products of your choice.



8805 Shorts Hi-Vis

8805 Shorts Hi-Vis Tuote muuttuu!

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8803 Shorts Hi-Vis

8803 Shorts Hi-Vis Tuote muuttuu!

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0512 Jacket PAINTERS

0512 Jacket PAINTERS Leaving product!

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0612 Pants PAINTERS

0612 Pants PAINTERS Leaving product!

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0604 Pants PAINTERS

0604 Pants PAINTERS Tuote muuttuu!

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2869 T-Shirt Hi-Vis

2869 T-Shirt Hi-Vis Tuote muuttuu!

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